Dario Zenker - Sam Und Er/Womde

Single Review by Jonathan Robert Muirhead | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: Sam Und Er/Womde
Artist: Dario Zenker
Label: Vakant
Release date: Out Now

Machines clink and clank, synthesisers run riot, and screams periodically pierce the speakers as they struggle to get out and make themselves heard above the rest of the sonic techno mayhem. Images of forests are conjured up, of people running in terror from an enemy they can’t see. After five minutes, the listener will feel as though they are in much the same condition. Yet, the further in you get, the more you lose yourself and the more the sounds envelop you. The effect is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, and continues to get darker until succumbing is no option! [Jonathan Robert Muirhead]