Danielson - I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy

The leftfield needs its hip-pop too.

Single Review by Ali Maloney | 16 Apr 2006
Single title: I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy
Artist: Danielson
Why? continues to be one of the most inconsistent members of Anticon, veering from intolerable geek-hop to Brian Wilson-esque twisted pop. His contribution as producer to this 7" is firmly in the latter camp, and his marimba led backbeat is an absolute joy. But here, he is mere backup to Daniel Smith, whose whiny screech should be the most annoying thing out there, but somehow ends up sounding sublimely gorgeous, especially on the A side but especially on Did I Step on Your Remix, a stunning call-and-response routine between Danielson and his sisters. The leftfield needs its hip-pop too. [Ali Maloney]
Released on Anticon on March 20. http://www.anticon.com