Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Album Review by Emma Kilday | 23 Apr 2008
Album title: In Ghost Colours
Artist: Cut Copy
Label: Modular
Release date: 5 May

Many of us become so used to seeing the Cut Copy moniker alongside the word remix that it’s easy to forget the Australian trio are a proper guitar-strumming band. This album serves as a firm reminder. Lyrics are prominent throughout and they frequently veer hard in the direction of indie-electro outfits like Interpol. The more synthy and pulsating tunes like Lights and Music and Hearts on Fire are the album’s strongest feature but you may find yourself waiting for things to properly kick off. The better points mean we can almost forgive the record its sappier segments, and even the dreaded canned-crowd enjoyment effects they’ve snuck into the end of Out There on the Ice. Be warned though: no less than three of the tracks are ambient interludes which never reach beyond ghostly murmurings, so subscribers to the school of 'Fuck Art, Let's Dance!' should definitely seek their kicks elsewhere. [Emma Kilday]