Clyde - Hyper Reality

Album Review by Liam Arnold | 23 Apr 2008
Album title: Hyper Reality
Artist: Clyde
Label: Mantis Recordings
Release date: 26 May

This surprisingly catchy hip-house from new producer Clyde casually steps between slick pop production and experimental sounds. The wobbly bass and rugged hi-hats of Neva That, with MOBO winner Phoebe One, contrasts with the crisp clicks and looped piano that Clyde creates on In Front of Me (which sees him unashamedly imitating Justin Timberlake's wispy falsetto). It's successfully done, and Clyde reprises it throughout the album, most effectively on Roll of the Beast, a track that sounds like the seedy offspring of the Sugababes and Ghislain Poirier. Brimming with jerky analogue clicks, gigantic hooks and moments of pop perfection, Hyper Reality presents a talented producer with an irresistibly catchy voice. [Liam Arnold]