Christ. - Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge is an impressively languid affair

Album Review by Jay Shukla | 16 May 2006
Album title: Vernor Vinge
Artist: Christ.
Label: Benbecula

Serving as a heads-up for his forthcoming 'Blue Shift Emissions' album, this limited edition 12" contains one album track, one exclusive cut and two remixes. The track from the new LP, Vernor Vinge, is an impressively languid affair; reverb-treated beats providing a skeletal framework around which Christ.'s crystalline melodies work their magic. It's not groundbreaking, but it's a charming wee track nonetheless. The flagrant BoC-isms of One Sunny Cloudy Day sour proceedings somewhat; the wavering, trippy synths sounding far too familiar to the output of his former band mates for comfort. The Prhizzm remix gets things back on track with a gorgeous chord progression and some nice melodic touches but dDamage's clunky reinterpretation of Ray Breakout fails to match the strange, awkward beauty of the original composition and leaves this EP feeling like something of a missed opportunity. [Jay Shukla]

This EP is out now.