C2C, The Carnival Arts Centre, Glasgow, Feb 25 (WEB)

Jaw dropping scratch and DJ skills, a synchronised timing honed to perfection<br/>WEB VERSION ALEX - STRAIGHT UP PLS

Article by S Sauce | 16 Apr 2006
Mathematics isn't an alltogether gripping way to start an article, it's perceived to be dull, and destined for the business pages, but on this occasion, it's impossible to sidestep the issue: 4 French scratch DJs, 5 turntables and 1 laptop, 3 x winners of the World DMC championships and called C2C. It could be a formula for anti-ageing cream, but its not, its jaw-dropping scratch and DJ skills, a synchronised timing honed to perfection, with tunes that fill the dancefloor and make it heave, leaving a handful left to simply gawk. The DMC championships is the holy grail of countless DJs and scratch teams the world over, with heats run in every country and culminating in a master class mash-up final, with the current world's best. To win it is in itself an accolade that paves the way for a bundle of sponsorship deals and industry big-up yourselves; but to win it three times is incredible, the only other artists who managed that were the technical wizard Q-Bert and the Legendry Mix Master Mike. At this rate, C2C look odds on favourites to bust the record this year, and if their 10-minute competition set is anything to go by; all scratching snippets in perfect synchronicity, to dance-floor-filling loops; then it will take someone else with something utterly unique to simply match it. After Edinburgh fans were denied the opportunity when the Cabaret Voltaire gig cancelled, thankfully the Carnival Arts Centre did not, and, if you haven't been before, you could be mistaken for thinking you were entering a cross between a Victorian school and a hotel for the mentally insane. Still, one large hall on the third floor provided an aptly wide space for C2C to play and the crowd to either get down and dirty on the dance floor, or chill out on the couches and recliners in the shadows. All in all, a superb evenings entertainment, so keep your ears peeled for the next time they play together, or check out the DMC website for audio and information of upcoming events. [S Sauce]