Broke'n'English @ Jazz Bar

Outstanding freestyling skills

Article by Stoo | 16 May 2006
Broke'n'English are good, real good. Worth the fiver to get in and the hour of waiting with the loud as fuck CD DJ. The Jazz Bar was not the prime location for these guys - cramped with all the tables and chairs scattered about the place - navigating your way to the bar was a real mission. I was expecting hardcore fans of UK hip-hop, but instead it was more just regular Jazz Bar-goers. Broke'n'English seem to have a bit of a game plan when it comes to their tunes, starting things off mellow, getting everyone loosened up, then ramming in the more heavier stuff. Mid-set they got some poor bugger on stage to fire random words at them, demonstrating their outstanding freestyling skills. Then, well, that was about it, they said their goodbyes and went outside for a smoke. [Stoo]