Boys Noize @ City, 27 Aug

Boys Noize rises to the challenge of an unusual venue at the end of the Edge Festival.

Article by Ray Philp | 02 Sep 2009

The mood of tonight’s preamble is one of pessimism. City, far from resembling the chrome plated bear pit one might expect to find at such a plum draw for the Edge Festival, is host to an underwhelming turnout that threatens to take the gloss off of proceedings. Boys Noize, short of parting the North Sea, needs to conjure something like a miracle to save the evening; in the absence of divine intervention, the freshness of his new material proves to be a real fillip. Alex Ridha’s sleek brand of sci-fi electro takes on a totemic quality that the throng of revellers, by now a blanket of outstretched arms and nodding heads, swarm inexorably toward. Ridha's infectious enthusiasm rubs off on a crowd transformed by an energetic set that serves to put the sort of shine on the night that City's surfeit of chrome could only hope to aspire to.