Boxcutter - Glyphic

Resplendent in rich instrumental mastery.

Album Review by Rosie McLean | 07 Nov 2007
Label: Planet Mu - possible album of the month
The revoltingly talented guitarist, producer and forger of almighty crossover beats known as Boxcutter is really just the revoltingly talented Northern Irish Barry Lynn in disguise and this rainbow weave record is truly idiosyncratic. Alongside Vex'd and Burial, Boxcutter has already dipped his toe into the crossover waters. Previous album Oneric (2006) and now the monumental, multi-faceted Glyphic, shimmer with innovation as their architect forges a new direction for electronic music. There's not a single track to skip, but undoubtedly Chiral and Bug Octet are the real keepers for dubstep fans, sporting high-tension skittering electro-dubs with a nod to Mu labelmate Vex'd. Further in, imagine what might happen if Bonobo, armed to the teeth with trip hop and jazz, ventured into the trippier hues of electronica and grappled with dub on the way: this is the organic masterpiece track Kaleid. Nanobot is awash with astral flutes, jazz samples, xylophones, acoustic and skittering jungle drum loops, Foxy flirts with 2-step garage... you want it, he got it, with dub roots thrown in into the bargain. Resplendent with rich instrumental mastery and a non-discriminatory experimentation ethic, Boxcutter paves the way for, and will doubtless be hailed as an example to, novice music-makers. Don't miss him touring Glyphic at Tronic, Glasgow, on 17 Nov - check out our preview. And buy the album, obviously. [Rosie McLean]

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