Black Grass - Three

Album Review by Robin Black | 22 Apr 2008
Album title: Three
Artist: Black Grass
Label: Catskills
Release date: 12 May

Criminally underrated Brighton-based DJ/producer Mex claims this third release to be his 'Return of the Jedi’, and what a cheeky, irrepressible Ewok of an album it is too. Featuring an orchestra-worth of funk horns, flute loops and noodling organ melodies, every hairy inch of sound is full of positive energy. It’s a testimony to Mex’s skills that even the age-old ingredients of samples, scratches and loops sound fresh and lively. Standout tracks include the summery, brassy Splash the Cash featuring Brighton’s Koaste, and the mariachi-flavoured Queztacoatl Returns. Other contributions include flawless soul vocals from Dionne Charles and reggae representation from Jah Marnyah and Rider Shafique.

Watch out for the single Bass Man featuring Benjammin’, and catch the live experience at Headspin, Bongo Club, Edinburgh on 17 May.