Autokratz - Pardon Garcon/French Girls Play Guitar

Single Review by Emma Kilday | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: Pardon Garcon/French Girls Play Guitar
Artist: Autokratz
Label: Kitsune
Release date: Out Now

Sometimes the title of a track alone could sell it. French! Girls! Guitar! What’s not to love? You could accuse Autokratz of false advertising (they are actually a couple of blokes from London) but that would be irrelevant, as both tracks here do more than live up to expectations. Pardon Garcon sounds like a potential electric shock, with drippy echoes and raw electronic buzzing, while French Girls Play Guitar boasts a gargantuan bassline, spooky melodic chorus and a raw industrial feel that recalls Kraftwerk at their best. It seems like once again Kitsune have reached into their inexhaustible supply of new talent and, judging by this release, are onto a winner. [Emma Kilday]