The Soul Sermon! February 2006

Who can resist that Boogaloo?

Feature by Rev. Al Brown | 15 Feb 2006

So this cat he says to me – "Reverend, is February funky?" And I say "Damn straight it is!" But I have to explain – at press time we're missing one of Scotland's biggest nights, Motherfunk. Since The Man closed Honeycomb, this Mofo ain't got no place to go! Fryer, Gino & Spectrum are the residents, these brothers gonna work it out about a new venue and I'll be telling y'all the news as soon as I heard it through the grapevine. In the meantime – it ain't easy to say but the funkiest day is funky Friday, February the Fird! In the west city we got to get on the Goodfoot, you got to take me to the Riverside where it's all about the Northern Soul. I been pointed to an article in the New York Times, no less, recommending the night, but the main thing is the Northern and the Motown - and who can resist that Boogaloo too? But if this night you're finding yourself in the east city you can find your love and happiness at Modern Lovers, at Ego, where they have the Kaiser Chief's guitarist Mr Andrew White coming to strut his stuff on the tables. On the turntables, dig! Near the end of the month is an exciting new night – the 24th! Henry's Cellar Bar has a Boogaloo Bothy that, I'm promised, will be real funkalicious, whilst Reverend Funk – no relation! - is at Edinburgh's coolest venue, The Caves. Check the website for their groovy video flyer, then come down for the tunes, for the dance troupe and for the good times!

Goodfoot, Feb 3, Riverside Club, £5
Modern Lovers, Feb 3, Ego, £6/4
Boogaloo Bothy, Feb 24, Henry's Cellar Bar, £5 (TO BE CONFIRMED BY SOPHIE)
Reverend Funk, Feb 24, The Caves, £7/5