The Soul Sermon! May 2006

Keep aholda ten of your British pounds to see Azymuth at Departure Lounge on the 26th

Feature by Rev. Al Brown | 16 May 2006

The Rev is back from his whirlwind international preachin' tour - New Orleans, Louisiana, Paisley - to ask you good people of Scotchland - are you man enough, big and bad enough, to get up and ride your funky soul? We got yet another fine selection of good stuff to get get down to this month. First Friday is funky as usual with Glasgow Goodfoot and Edinburgh Modern Lovers, and people may be interested to hear Frank from Goodfoot on the longwire, he plays Northern at 2.30 every Satur-Day on Now let me tell you about a fine young lady with a voice and a soul from the times before, Terri Walker, she has a new compact disc and is touring up here in May. She's playin' the Arches on the 10th and Cabaret Voltaire on the 11th. Well Saturday the 13th is sure to be a fine day, it is every year, I know it, but in the night-time it's a fine idea to go see Saturday Night Fish Fry. It's always a fine idea, dig! But this night I say because there's a man called Raff singin' his soul, a man Ms Walker herself is a big fan of, an' he sure does have a great voice. It's free to see him from 9, if you arrive after 11:30 it's £5 and yo' missed him! Another Glasgow night with the Reverend's seal of approval is DiscoJuice at bluu basement, which plays rare underground disco from before disco was a dirty word! Visit if you can on day 21. Finally this month keep aholda ten of your British pounds to see Azymuth at Departure Lounge on the 26th. Azymuth are old-school Brazilian-jazzy-funk legends, they been playing with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Jorge Ben in their time and so truly influenced modern danceful music. These boys wont be around forever so kids, go get an education!

Goodfoot, Riverside Club, Glasgow, May 5th, £5
Modern Lovers, Ego, Edinburgh, May 5th, £4 (b4 12)/£6
Terri Walker, The Arches, Glasgow, May 10th, £10
Terri Walker, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, May 11th, £10
Raff @ Saturday Night Fish