The Institute of Electronic Artists

This smacks of a burgeoning monthly trade social

Feature by Alex Burden | 15 Feb 2006
Newly-formed Outthere productions are seeking to promote a variety of artists across several genres, and their recent gig in Edinburgh (V.E.N.T/ESPion/Satellite Dub on the Jan 12) acted as a little taster for what is to come. The night had a dual purpose: Outthere promoter and DJ, Kenny Breaks, is also the co-founder of the Institute for Electronic Artists (with Sean Kerwin), and this evening of electronic music is what you can expect from the Institute in the coming months. Essentially for bringing together and promoting the electronic community, the nights organised by the institute are open to other artists to showcase their music and visuals. This smacks of a burgeoning monthly trade social, so keep an eye out for future dates. An official Edinburgh Institute launch is planned for March, but if you can't wait till then, see for details of the next Glasgow session.

If you want to check out any of the artists who played at Outthere's January gig, here is a little info for your researching pleasure. V.E.N.T aka Patrick Walker and Lodestar, are showing no signs of slowing for 2006, and they are currently producing a new EP, with the delightful working title, 'A Junkie's Work is Never Done'. More info and updates at, where their multiple alter-egos reside. ESPion's second EP has just been released on Orson Records, so if you want to hear a little of his eclectic genre-straddling music, check out for some audio and visual treats. There are no confirmed dates on the horizon for Satellite Dub, so you can get your fix from in the meantime. The Dub Pistols and Kid Twist will be joining Outthere for a gig at Calton Studios, Edinburgh, £8 entry from 8pm. The date is t.b.c so keep checking Skinny online.
The Dub Pistols and Kid Twist at Outthere, Calton Studios, Edinburgh, £8 entry from 8pm - Date TBC, keep checking for details