Egebamyasi has Acid Indeggestion (USE ME)

Leader line: Please bear with us as we enter the eggstremely strange and acidic world of Egebamyasi. Normal English will return in a few minutes.<br/><br/>Pull quote: ""What is missing is more records decks to eggsplode when bad records come on, or maybe the DJ could just blow up instead.""

Feature by Alex Burden | 11 Jan 2007
Egebamyasi is back with the fourth instalment of the Acid Indigestion series, over ten years after Part 3 was released on Abbey Discs in 1996. It's eight tracks of bulging basslines and speech cut-ups, and it goes heavy on the acid, a sound that hasn't found much favour in techno and house since the early 90s. One man has been keeping it going, regularly exporting his 303 creations to the welcoming Dutch and Belgians. Egebamyasi or Mr Egg, as he is also known, started making strange musical infusions referred to as MacAcid House in 1984, citing Can and Captain Beefheart as influences. "If you've no heard Can you're in for a twatting in a half dozen", he exclaims. "'Ege' is a region of Turkey, and the 'bam yasi' is a dish of ladies fingers." So we're not much clearer on the meaning, but okra comes into it somewhere.

He accrued a band and one elaborate stage act utilising a papier maché penis and other obscure visual aids, and released the hi-energy track, Circumstances on Survival Records in 1986. But he had an "epiphany" upon hearing I've Lost Control by Sleezy D (Marshall Jefferson) in the late 80s. He embarked upon a solo quest for eggier territory and serious acid production. He was spotted playing on tour in the Netherlands by Belgian label Groove Kissing. The meeting spawned one of his first EPs, the 'EBY' EP, and Parts 1 and 2 of the Acid Indigestion series. His later seggminal works, 'How To Boil An Egg' and 'Mother Goose' continue to be re-discovered by new generations of acid fans.

It was another Belgian label, Binary Bassline, who released Acid Indigestion Pt 4 late last year. "This reggord is my first out and out 12" for 10 years. There has been many a CD compilation, but no 12". It's back to the old school MacAcid mixeggs on it by 'Gasenoid / Citric Acid' from Germania, and finally Bam Bam. His mix of 'Acid Boy' is blouse house and is a short loud eggsplosive noise – he's cool but hard work." Pt 4 tells the story of Acidboy, Superman's friend, through 303s, 808s, 101s and a: "meeting of analogue and midi." 'Cockfight' begins with a questioning synth and solid backbeat, moving into laboured breathing and an acidic ejaculation of the kind of blunt and abrasive noises found in early Prodigy productions. Of course, Egebamyasi was making music when Prodigy were nippers eyeing up the Casios in Argos.

But how does he keep the acid flag flying when the scene looks to minimalism and funky house cut-ups for the flavour of the month? "A lot of acid could sound likegg trance if that's the way your ears hear it. It's all just acid as far as I'm concerned. Foghorn Leghorn was a gift from Belgium and is also a cut-up in my book. Trends come and go, if you do it for a short timegg it's a trend, if you do it forever it's real. And what is minimal? Doesn't get much more minimal than 303/808/303/909 etc... All pish really. Call it acid."

So does he think that something could be added or taken away from present dance music to make it better? "What is missing is more records decks to eggsplode when bad records come on, or maybe the DJ could just blow up instead." As someone who has been involved with the electronic scene during its formative years, how does it compare now with then? "DJ booths are made out of MDF – years eggo it was chipboard, and I don't get as much gear stolen from the stagegg."

What are the plans for 2007? Any visits to these MDF booths? "I would likegg to complete the pyramid I'm building out of egg boxes, and do some music on midi," he states. "I havegg an Atari Pro24 and I'm going to usegg Cubase Version 3. [I've] not done any midi music for 7/8 years. I've been given the eggpportunity to reggord on a label of my naming, so I'm putting together a CD of mixeggs/remixeggs done by friends and unusual couplings. It's pretty loveggley biscuits so far."

On a final note, may we ask where the egg 'thing' comes from? "Everyone has a thing, don't they? Never been any different for me; I started an egg and always havegg been one. 'Ex-ovo-omnia' - the egg is cosmic, the egg came from the chickens butt, I lovegg it because it feels good... if you have something you can sit on and eat it, well, doesn't get much better."