Detroit Digital Vinyl

Your online source for the very best in Detroit electronic music<br/>STRAIGHT TO WEB ALEX IF NOT DONE ALREADY!!

Feature by Andrew Cooke | 16 Apr 2006
Two years ago launched their online record shop providing a pay per download system solely for dance music. Since then, zee Germans and laptop lovers have followed the trend, setting up sites dedicated to selling high-fidelity, no 'pops' and 'clicks' mp3s. Claiming to provide downloads from all genres of dance music, these sites have rarely catered for the Detroit heads until now. This year those behind the renowned Detroit Techno distributor Submerge embark on their next assault – "your online source for the very best in Detroit electronic music" - Detroit Digital Vinyl.

The site offers tracks from over 25 artists from the Motor City's cosmic selection of labels. From the classic Red Planet and KMS sounds to the current research of Los Hermanos, hip hop, jazz, soul, electro, ghettotech, house, and of course 'Detroit's gift to the world' - techno, are all here. It also holds those exclusive, (and now cheap) mysterious Submerge mixes - DJ 3000's stirring downtown encounters, Juan Atkins's electro-battle in the Metroplex and Suburban Knight's 'Nocturbulous Behavior' for the hard nights ahead – along with a promise of free updated guest mixes available soon.

The mission statement from Detroit is as determined as ever. Supporting the smaller, independent labels can only lead to healthier rewards for us all. So aside from holding entire back catalogues, you will find plenty of DDV exclusives including the new, stunningly diverse compilation from Underground Resistance, 'Interstellar Fugitives (II): Destruction of Order', 35 tracks of programmed bliss. This is the only location you will be able to buy the album from, bar visiting Detroit or paying the fat overseas charge from Japan.

All the music has been taken off the original production masters and digitally remastered to offer the listener full, uncompressed ammunition; the intention is to freely allow experimentation with these timeless tracks on new music technology. This anticipating transition is typical of a group who continue to say "Fuck the Majors" lets stick together. It is worth signing up for their membership; just one month will get you a 30% discount, hence if you get carried away that back catalogue won't be so dear. So inject some soul and reason back into downloading electronic music and pay the DDV a visit, you will be back.