Subcity Radio's 15th Birthday @ The Arches, 6 March

Everyone's favourite teenage brat turns 15.

Article by Ray Philp | 26 Feb 2010
  • Subcity Radio's 15th Birthday


Subcity: possibly the luckiest teenager, like, ever. A birthday bash to herald its fifteenth year of life at The Arches won’t be your typical paper hat and Asda sponge cake affair; a decade and a half of block parties, 4am raves, low-budget-but-high-quality radio broadcasting and countless rolls of masking tape deserves better. Ergo, Freakmenoover and LuckyMe regular Dema will give it considerable laldy as the evening’s headliner, along with fourteen other acts on the bill: R-P-Z, Symbiosis, Shaun fae Solar, Thirty Two (“a couple of fannies”, according to Subcity’s rather subversive PR bumf) and more than we have space to mention will offer a rammy of electro, techno, dubstep, dancehall, hip-hop and whatever else you fancy. Likewise, Subcity’s VJ talent promises to be equally eclectic: if the eyes are the window to the soul, then expect Visual AIDS, Sweets and Spacewood to make light work of tanning them in with projectors, LEDs and a kitchen sink or two.[Ray Philp]


10.30 - 3, £6/£7/£8