Obscene's 4th Birthday: John B

Obscene turns four - an epic night of drum and bass debauchery

Article by Bram Gieben | 15 Feb 2006

Obscene turns four in February, and they celebrate in fine style with a guest spot from a DJ very close to their hearts. John B has played Obscene before in 2004, and indeed it was an epic night of drum and bass debauchery. His "retro-electro new wave synthetic robot punk" style ( description copyright Obscene's Krishma B) suits the anarchic crowd perfectly. Among drum and bass DJs, John B is known for being a musical adventurer, never sticking to one style or genre - his involvement with Beta Recordings, Tangent, Chihuahua, Nu_Electro and of course the mighty Metalheadz demonstrates his diverse range of influences. Support comes from Marc EP, DJ Batson, Dave Lowe and MC IB on the main floor, with Pyz, Klee and Kenzo in the cooler playing grime and electro. Buy tickets early for what is sure to be a packed and very amusing night. Props must go to Obscene for consistently taking the road less travelled in Edinburgh's drum and bass scene, showcasing the talents of new, hungry young DJs, and true originals like John B. Here's to four more years of obscene bass.[Bram Gieben]

Tickets £5 in advance, more om the door. Free CDs, drinks promos on the night.