Kollektiv presents Fabrizio Maurizi @ Glasgow School of Art, 19 Mar

Article by Calum Sutherland | 02 Mar 2011

The second of the M_nus marauders to grace us with their presence this month, Fabrizio Maurizi is a body-sonic bass pulse perfectly primed to rattle the inner workings of the Vic Bar’s dishwasher below. Low pitched minimal murmurings with bags of bricks are to be expected; Maurizi creates sets which are occasionally funky, perpetually inviting and withdrawing, meandering from the dark to the light with nothing but a map of the venue and an inner euphonic compass.

Since realising his dream of joining Hawtin’s imprint, Fabrizio has had huge success with a string of releases in the past three years; Ok, Switch On (2008), Habitat (2009) and Chronicles (2010) have all spent a significant amount of time worrying the bass bins of anyone with an interest in punchy, freak out minimal techno.

A truly explosive night in the making, Kollektiv have clearly discarded the stabilisers here, cycling uphill with the guiding light of one of techno’s most promising and ever evolving talents; producing mind expanding, rattling beats, and leaving you peeling your ears back to a time when they thought such frequencies did not exist.


11pm-3am, £5-8