Hot Chip, Sugarbeat, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 25 May (NEW VERSION)

Chips have never been so sweet...

Article by Lara Moloney | 11 May 2007
Edinburgh will be a flurry of excitement on Friday 25 May when an expected storming DJ Set will be getting everyone dancing " a Monkey with a religious symbol", as arms and feet flail to the electro pop of Joe (tbc) from Hot Chip. The renowned Sugarbeat nights, hosted all around the UK, are remembered for their funk-fuelled buzzing live sets and the ambition to only show quality electro and dance artists. Started five years ago by Utah Saints duo Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis, and mostly known for the club nights in Leeds, it has expanded rapidly as their focus shifted from producing music to live DJ sets. Anyone looking for snippets from Utah Saints of What Can you Do For me and Lost Vagueness should be satisfied, but those diehard fans who may be looking out for lesser known tracks off their never released album Wired World will have to wait and see. Hot Chip deservedly had a successful year in 2006 with their second album, The Warning, nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and single Over and Over rated track of the year by NME. Now getting countrywide recognition, the group who recorded both albums in bandmate Joe Goddard's bedroom, and who wanted to stand out from other electronic acts by performing all their instruments live, will be a sure bet to get the crowds frantic and sweating with their indie-electro selection. Not to be missed. [Lara Moloney]

11pm-3am, £7.