Gomma Records

Art and electro for lipstick lesbians and lounge lizards

Feature by Bram Gieben | 15 Feb 2006
Germany's very sexy Gomma Records is home to WhoMadeWho, whose infamous rock cover-version of Benny Benassi's Satisfaction was a massive hit on right-thinking electro dancefloors everywhere last year, and Tomboy, whose Black Beauty fused classic acid to electro in a searingly hip four-minute blast of euphoric sleaze. These tunes and more are included on their new compilation, 'Gommagang Drei' mixed by label stalwart Munk (reviewed this issue), which could see the label's profile rise from that of cool independent to crossover success story.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem is a big fan, contributing vocals to Munk's fantastic Kick Out The Chairs, while The Rapture have also remixed WhoMadeWho's Space For Rent. Gomma is the natural heir to the cool of Belgium's Soulwax and Murphy's own DFA records, incorporating post-rock and new wave influences into deep, sexy electro and techno.

What sets them apart from other European labels is their art projects – the third issue of their poster magazine 'Amore' features some marvellous, iconic images, with examples of photography, collage and graphic design, while their touring exhibition 'MoondoGomma Picture Shows' has visited Berlin, Stockholm and Barcelona.

Their art is a fusion of the steamy eroticism and humour also found in their music. Gomma produce art and electro for lipstick lesbians and lounge lizards: slick but sticky, funky but filthy. This fascinating, stylish label is among the best Germany has to offer- fans of Kompakt, Deejay Gigolos, and the aforementioned DFA should check out the compilation, and their website www.gomma.de. for more examples of work from 'Amore'.
Gommagang Drei' is released late February.
'Amore' can be ordered from the Gomma website, but is limited to 500 copies.