Bump & Rbma presents Diplo & Sinden @ The Liquid Room, 5 May

Article by Calum Sutherland | 26 Apr 2011

The great electro storm of ’07 did many things. It destroyed treehouses, drowned out some real stale drum n bass (at least in my town), made Rihanna singles great, and brought an absolute catch of brand new artists to our favourite dancefloors. Some appeared only briefly, perhaps to remix a Lightspeed Champion single or something similar, others got their feet firmly in the stirrups and have managed to remain relevant years later – after the dust had settled, once DJ Funk quit bouncing (for the moment, anyway) and we all stopped believing the hype.

Diplo and Sinden are two such artists. Surely we all know who they are, yes? Diplo, the genre hopping producer, one half of Major Lazor and at least some of the brains behind MIA’s distinctive sound. Sinden is equally eclectic, traversing dancehall, hip hop, house and jaggy electro. The two are married somewhat by their individually creative relationships with Switch, another one of those unclassifiable party starters who made their initial mark with the electro boom a few years ago. Yet all three are equally capable of moulding dancefloors into their own distinctive chosen shapes. I’ll be a hexagon. [Calum Sutherland]

10.30pm-3am, Adv £10