Ada (Live) @ Optimo, The Black Rabbit Whorehouse

Ada injects the scene with a much needed dose of eccentricity

Article by Gemma Couper | 16 May 2006
German singer-producer Ada arrives in Glasgow this month with a set that is bound to be as infectious as her weird art of sawing. From New York, Toronto, Paris and Lisbon, Ada has achieved widespread success. Her debut album 'Blondie' received acclaim from the critics and with tracks such as the underground hit Maps (her seven-minute cover the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song) it is clear to see why. Ada prides herself on pushing the boundaries of house music which results in a heavy combination of distorted, hazy computer sounds travelling in and out of the mix, countered with basslines so precise they are almost violent - this gives the audience a lot to appreciate when maybe they just want to get down. Ada's live performances are legendary however, and this night is definitely worth a visit. An artist who is willing to provide a more avant-garde vibe to the genre will be welcomed as long as it does not swing into the gloomy realms of pretentiousness. Ada injects the scene with a much needed dose of eccentricity and with fellow acts JD Twitch and JG Wilkes on the decks playing "bastard glitche-techno-electronic house" the night is bound to be a hit in Glasgow, so get your tickets now.

At the Sub Club, Glasgow, May 5th, entry cost tbc, keep checking the Optimo website provided.