Zenker Brothers Music Playlist: Guest Selector

The Munich-based brüder chip in with eight cherished LPs ahead of the imminent release of their debut album Immersion on Ilian Tape

Feature by Dario & Marco Zenker | 06 Feb 2015

Wu Tang – Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) [RCA]
A milestone for hip-hop. We both heard it for the first time when we were nine and have loved it since then. It transports a very specific energy out of the New York 90's and the sound aesthetic is just killer.

Gang Starr – Moment of Truth [Noo Trybe]
Another classic. Guru at the top of his game and premier with one of his best productions. Super soulful and jazzy sound. Always with a great message, highly spiritual and intelligent. Diving into these lyrics and beats always gives us a good feeling and is very inspiring.

Gza – Liquid Swords [Geffen]
The Genius with our favorite Wu Tang solo album. Heavy vibe and super dark but still positive. This record can take you on a real journey. The sound has a slightly more electronic vibe than other Wu Tang stuff. Avant garde and futuristic music.

Rhythm & Sound – Rhythm Sound [Rhythm & Sound]
Instant legends. Life soundtrack for the summer with some heavy spliffs. Very minimalist but on point dub in its purest form. A timeless, deep and groovy album with a unique sound. Simply a beautiful piece of music that can be played in every environment.

Anthony Shake Shakir – Frictionalism 1994 – 2009 [Rush Hour]
The hero of sampling with an essential masterpiece of dance music. This compilation of selected works between '94 and 2009 shows the diversity and fearless approach of Shake. No matter if it's techno, house, electro or hip-ho, it always sounds authentic and real. True Detroit vibes!

Com Truise – Galactic Melt [Ghostly International]
Heaven of 80s synths for all occasions. It's very emotional and it catches you immediately. Even though it's based on a retro sound it has a futuristic approach and magical atmosphere. This romantic and warm production never gets boring.

Special Request – Soul Music [Houndstooth]
Jungle techno hybrid with a modern twist and insane arrangements. Paul Woolford manages to combine old and new elements in his very own way. The result is one of the best albums of the last decade. Wicked!

Air – Moon Safari [Source]
A beautiful pop album that we discovered through our mum. Perfect to chill out, to cook with your lady or to clean your flat. A very well done mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments with lovely vocals. Love is in the air!

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