Guest Selector: Wheelman

Ahead of his set at Stereotone's 3rd Birthday Party at The Art School, Glasgow's Wheelman picks out ten tracks you need to hear right now

Feature by Claire Francis | 21 Feb 2018

Wheelman's first EP dropped last month via the Belters sub-label from Glasgow favourites Huntleys + Palmers, and ahead of his slot at Stereotone's birthday party at the Art School this weekend, Wheelman has shared a playlist of some of his current favourite tracks with us. Listen to them all in the YouTube playlist at the foot of the page, and read on for Wheelman's take on each of his ten tunes. 

Hamid El Shaeri – Ayonha [Habibi Funk, 2017 (reissue)]
"Thought I’d start with this becuase it’s probably the song I’ve listened to the most in the last couple of months since it was reissued. I’m finding it difficult to describe how it makes me feel, but whenever it comes on I can’t help but get fully sucked in by it – and from playing it out, it looks like it has that same effect on a lot of people."

Karizma – K II S [R2 Records Ltd, 2017]
"This one has been going down well for me for the past six months or so, and was just recently reissued in December last year. Puts me in a great mood every time I hear it and when that choppy drum patten drops in, it can really set a party in motion."

Tr One – A Month Has Passed [Don't Be Afraid, 2017]
"Love how restrained this is, the drums just gently pin the rhythm down as various different elements gradually get introduced into the track. Can create a really great sense of tension in a club, [it's] kind of like the whole tune is one big breakdown which can be really special."

RAMZi – Brazili [Pèze​-​Piton, 2017]
"Really love all the layers of drums and sound effects going on in this as well as the arrangement, which can catch you off guard. Sounds amazing on a big system, there is a lot of power in that kick drum."

Christian Alexander – Body & Spirit [Westside Records, 1989]
"I luckily stumbled upon this tune one day a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. Tough drums, massive vocal, joyous piano lick and a rough acid line all tied together with a great arrangement. Rips it."

Wheelman – I Make Friends [Huntleys + Palmers, 2017]
"Feels a bit egotistical to put one of my own tracks here but I thought it could be interesting to talk about and there is a fun little video to go along with it now. The vocal snippet is from a film [Blade Runner] and says “Must get lonely here, J.F…”. J.F. are my initials, so I thought it would be fun to sample that, and the title of the tune comes from the next line in the movie: “Not really. I make friends.” So I think it’s fitting that in the video you can see me and a few of those friends who keep me sane going out for a walk about the southside of Glasgow."

Pleasure Dome – 8 Min. Of Techfunk [Sex Mania, 1994]
"Nice simple acidy number this one. Love the sort of ominous and dark atmosphere it creates and the straight forward hypnotic arrangement."

WK7 – Rhythm 2 (Tripple H Mix) [Power House, 2017]
"This one is killer. When those breaky drums come smashing through on a loud system it really creates an amazing energy on a dancefloor."

Textasy – Blow Your Head [Craigie Knowes, 2018]
"This is a party record. Loads of classic samples and sounds put together in a way that hits really hard and constantly develops over the course of the tune." 

Clark – See See [Warp, 2007]
"This one can be tricky to play out because it’s so short and ends in a big mess of screeching noise, but I make sure it’s always on hand when I’m playing out in case I think I can get away with it. That main line that runs through the whole thing is so infectious, I find it hard to get it out of my head for ages after hearing it. I’ve been prone to listening to it on repeat for unreasonable amounts of time." 

Stereotone's 3rd Birthday: Semtek and Wheelman, Art School, Glasgow, 11pm, £5-7; BLTRS07 is out now via Huntleys + Palmers