Guest Selector: Robert Bergman

Rush Hour’s Robert Bergman serves up a selection of Jamaican flavours for this month’s Guest Selector, before bringing the searing heat of the Caribbean to the southside of Glasgow later this month

Feature by Michael Lawson | 02 Aug 2018

Robert Bergman is the quintessential crate-digger. Working in Amsterdam’s famed Rush Hour record store by day, he’s built a reputation around his wide-ranging tastes and disregard for the fanfare and status that’s often attached to DJing. Bergman brings the irie vibes to this month’s Guest Selector, delving into the reggae, dub and dancehall sections of his vast record collection ahead of his set with Fergus Clark for The Rum Shack’s Jamaica Special.

Noel Ellis – Dance With Me
[Summer Records, 1983]

"The debut LP from the son of Jamaican soul legend Alton Ellis. Can’t recall how often I’ve listened to this but it’s up there as one of the most played songs in my record collection. About six and a half minutes long and only gets better as it keeps on rocking." 

Junior Reid – Movie Star
[Tamoki Wambesi, 1985]

"Junior Reid with the Roots Radics band; super-heavy FX action. Don Carlos – who’s a big hero of mine – is also involved here, so I guess this one brings a lot of things together."

Derrick Harriott – Tell Me This is a Dream
[Crystal D, 1980]

"I guess this is more Jamaican soul than anything else, but I think it still counts given how much music Derrick Harriott put out. Really loving this sweet and naïve heartbreak song."

Horace Andy – Let's Live In Love
[Wackies, 1982]

"The entire Dance Hall Style album is pretty insane, but this is my favourite track from it. Make sure you source a copy with the full-length version – which is the best bit, and unfortunately not included on every press of this heavyweight disc."

Half Pint – What’s Going Down
[Greensleeves, 1986]

"One of these songs where there are multiple versions floating around. There’s a real nice slow, digi version on a Greensleeves compilation called Joint Favourites, which features one side of Half Pint songs with Michael Palmer songs on the other. Big comp!"

Winsome – Untitled (Side B)
[Sugar Records, 2017]
"As with all music it’s real easy to get lost in the vast amounts that have been produced throughout the years. It’s therefore important not to overlook contemporary music. This one is on repeat quite often. Baddd tune."

Don Carlos – Oh Girl
[Hit Bound, 1982]

"Maybe my favourite from the Don (although he does have heaps of really good ones so maybe not). It has very relatable lyrics about the hardships of teenage love. I managed to go see him in concert last year – still rocking hard aged 65." 

Dadawah – Run Come Rally
[Wild Flower, 1974]

"This one will be special forever for me. I think it was the first reggae record I ever bought, must’ve been around 2009, and before then I honestly couldn’t name any reggae besides maybe a few Bob Marley classics and Chase the Devil by Max Romeo as The Prodigy sample was huge. Anyway, this one was pretty much love at first listen. Still love it to this day."

Junior Delgado – Run Come
[Crystal, 1985]

"Had to include one from the Tempo Riddim style, which is my favourite. I think I also really like reggae love songs so this seemed to be a good one to include on this list." 

Frankie Paul – Worries in the Dance
[Hit Bound, 1984]

"There are several recordings of this one by the late Frankie Paul doing the rounds. The one I like the most is the digi version produced by Channel One. Super-tuff and crazy on the vocal delays – sounds like some monster from outer space. The good shit."

Robert Bergman and Fergus Clark, Jamaica Special, The Rum Shack, Glasgow, 17 Aug