Guest Selector: Mixhell

Brazilian husband and wife duo Mixhell talk us through the songs that inspired their new three-track EP Strong & Wrong

Feature by Claire Francis | 12 Sep 2018

Iggor Cavalera (former drummer of the Brazilian heavy metal outfit Sepultura) and DJ/producer Laima Leyton have been performing together as Mixhell since 2004. The duo have most recently been seen on stage as part of Soulwax's seven-piece touring band, after helping to record the Belgian outfit's 2017 album From Deewee.

Mixhell's new EP Strong & Wrong is a record that celebrates life and love, and features collaborations with Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Mutado Pintado, plus a cover of Laurie Anderson's In Our Sleep. Here, Mixhell talk us through the tracks that inspired them when writing Strong & Wrong.

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
[Apple Corps, 1966]

"We love the sound of the drums on The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows and how it sits perfectly on top of the eerie synths, harmonies and ambient sounds and sitars. The panning is also amazing, how sounds move from left to right and then back. 'Love is all and love is everyone' is a beautiful concept that we try to bring to the tracks in our EP too."

Paranoid London feat. Paris Brightledge – Dub 1 
[Paranoid London, 2012]

"It is fair to say we met Mutado through his amazing music with Paranoid London; from meeting in clubs and touring together we started a solid friendship that goes beyond us and involves all of our families. The music we make together is about family, life and friendship, the hassles and joys of being a musician, as well as a parent. In a way, Paranoid London is always a good reference for us." 

Johnny Cash – God's Gonna Cut You Down
[American Recordings/ Lost Highway, 2006]

"Also on the lyric and intention front, we absolutely love when Mutado tells a story; it then reminds us of Johnny Cash's God's Gonna Cut You Down."  

Laurie Anderson – Walking and Falling
[Warner Bros, 1982]

"Laurie Anderson has always been an influence for us, the way she tells a story. Her relationship with Lou Reed during the last 20 years of his life reminds us of our own relationship, what it means to work together in music and how to share respect and life. Her narration of his death is one of the most heart-filling of her storytellings. When we listened to In Our Sleep this year, we felt like that was the track that most translated our relationship. It is not a romantic track, but for us it has layers of meanings." 

Human League – Do Or Die
[Virgin, 1981]

"The process of making this EP with Joe Goddard happened in a very different way [to the way] we usually make music with other bands. We chose an amazing synthesiser and started jamming with it and some drum machines. Normally we record around 30 minutes of a specific sound, then choose another machine and layer more sounds. There is a lot of editing to select the best parts of our 'jams'. There is one synth that we always use to start an idea, it's the Roland System 100, which is a great machine that also inspired many bands. Therefore we chose Do Or Die by Human League, who also based a lot of their work on the System 100."

The Body/Full Of Hell – Fleshworks 
[Neurot, 2016]

"[Leyton]: The Body and Full of Hell are two of Iggor's favourite American bands. In a super split LP which he was listening a lot while in the making of Strong & Wrong, they take heavy music to the next level."

Alessandro Cortini – Stambecco
[Hospital Productions, 2015]

"Cortini is responsible for most of synth noises in Nine Inch Nails, but in our opinion on his solo project is where he shines, mixing beautiful melodies and disturbing ambience."

Nihiloxica – Endongo
[Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2017]

"Nihiloxica is a group coming out of Kampala, Uganda. They take a darker take on traditional Bugandan drumming, comprised of seven percussionists. We truly believe Africa is the future on the creative front."

Oh Sees – Nite Expo
[Castle Face, 2017]

"(Thee) Oh Sees is another band we have been listening to non-stop while making our EP. Back at home after studio sessions, it's the music we listen to to cook and relax. Nite Expo shows their heaviness mixed with simple but beautiful harmonies. Psych-punk warrior John Dwyer is one of the most prolific musicians at the moment and Thee Oh Sees are one of the best bands we've seen live."

DEAFKIDS – Pés Atados
[Neurot, 2016]

"We'd like to add what has influenced us from our country, Brazil. Deafkids are the perfect mix of psychedelic heavy music with amazing drumming... these guys are a powerhouse!"

Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses
[Universal Music, 1968]

"Classic psychedelica, Os Mutantes' Panis Et Circenses is a cherry on top of all of the different music that influenced us on the making of Strong & Wrong."