Guest Selector: Sub Club SoundSystem

With Sub Club celebrating their 30th birthday this year, we’ve brought in three of the club’s most notable residents for this month’s Guest Selector duties

Article by Claire Francis | 17 Aug 2017

Harri & Domenic are the original Sub Club resident DJs, having been at the helm of Subculture – the longest continuous club residency in the world – for the past 23 years. Telford is the third Subculture resident; after starting his career with the club as a glass collector, he now heads up A&R for Sub Club’s in-house label Nautilus Rising. With the Subbie celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a run of special events, including this month’s Sub Club SoundSystem festival, we got the trio together to pick out some of their favourite records.

An album that you can listen to from start to finish, and never tire of?

Massive Attack – Blue Lines
[Wild Bunch, 1991]
Myself and my mates Osar Felone, Ian Whitelaw, Brian Docherty and a guy that played sax had a gig in Perth. It was Boxing Day and really heavy snow. We had to drive the whole way there and back at about 20 miles an hour, driving into a vortex of snow. Luckily we had a really comfy bandwagon with a great soundsystem. We played this album the whole way there and back. We were all blown away at how good it was. At this time we thought all the best music came from the States; this was unashamedly British and amazing. [Harri]

A favourite club banger from 2017 so far?

Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo – Senhor Doutor (Adam Port Edit)
[Keinemusik, 2017]
Love this so much, I have sickened myself of it. Already a fan of most African music, this opened the doors of Angolan music for me. Thanks Adam Port for a great edit. [Harri]

A track that is guaranteed to draw people onto the dancefloor?

Amadou & Mariam – Bofou Safou (Henrik Schwarz remix)
[Because Music, 2017]
I recently closed the club after Henrik played live – he always sets the bar so high and the club was completely insane that night. It's difficult to follow a Henrik Schwarz set when the most appropriate thing is another Henrik Schwarz record. [Telford]

A track that can make you cry?

Round Two feat. Andy Caine – New Day
[Main Street Records, 1995]
I don’t know about crying, but music, clubbing, it's all about emotion. This is a classic house record that is absolutely loaded with it. So earnest. Particularly refreshing to be reminded of records like this while disposable, written-for-profit, in-vogue house music fills the charts. [Telford]

Your favourite disco cut or remix?

Keni Burke – Risin' to the Top
[RCA, 1982]
Impossible question! There are too many great disco tracks, [I've] been listening to this a lot recently though. Perfect for when the sun is shining... you won’t hear me play it much in Glasgow. When we’re travelling though, it’s incredible. [Domenic]

A techno track that you wish you had written?

Âme – Rej
[Defected, 2006]
Âme and Innervisions have always been incredibly influential for me. This is a seminal, minimal masterpiece. It’s a track that sounds unbelievable in just about every scenario – best for dark rooms though. If I ever write anything like this, I have a lot to thank Âme for. [Telford]

A track that you love to hear played in Sub Club?

John Cage – 4'33
To understand this one you probably have to have worked in an underground venue for over ten years. Perversely, even when listening to the best soundsystem in Scotland, club music five hours a night most days of the week… silence can be the sweetest thing. [Telford]

A favourite obscure blues track?

Sonny Boy Williamson – Keep it to Yourself
[Checker Records, 1956]
The one I wanted to give you isn't [even] on YouTube, but you did ask for obscure… Instead I'll just give you one of my favourites. I got into DJing through blues bars in Glasgow; Sonny Boy Williamson has a lot to answer for. [Domenic]

A song you'd play on a Sunday morning?

Arthur Russell – Another Thought
[Point Music, 1994]
I'm usually playing at the club most Sunday mornings, but I imagine you are talking about something more mellow. Question number one has just reminded me of how good Massive Attack's Blue Lines is.... I might play that or some reggae, Joni Mitchell, Arthur Russell or Neil Young. Depends on your mood I suppose. [Harri]

A track that you'd play to kick off a Glasgow after-party?

The Deacon – Soulsaver
[Somewhere in Detroit, 1997]
This goes down well every time it’s played, no matter the time or the crowd. Been playing it again recently and people having been going nuts to it. Total funk that keeps people moving late into the morning. [Domenic]

Sub Club SoundSystem 2017, Barras Art and Design Centre, Glasgow, 26-27 Aug