Guest Selector: DJ Deep

French techno and house producer and Deeply Rooted label boss DJ Deep selects his ten favourite releases of 2017 to date

Feature by Claire Francis | 26 May 2017

A veteran DJ and producer with a career spanning over 20 years, DJ Deep's output has encompassed house, techno and everything in between. His label Deeply Rooted (formerly Deeply Rooted House) has also proven him to be a thoughtful and esteemed curator. DJ Deep (real name Cyril Etienne des Rosaies) is further known for his collaborative project with fellow French selector Roman Poncet under the alias Sergie Rezza, following on from the two EPs they released together as Adventice for the renowned Berlin club Tresor.

With two forthcoming DJ Deep releases set to drop this month – the Parisian Kid EP on Rekids Special Projects and DJ Deep – Cuts serie Remixes Vol. 1, featuring Mr. G, Ben Sims, Steve Rachmad & Roman Poncet, on his own label – we asked him to share his ten favourite clubs releases of the year, so far.

1) Biosphere – The Petrified Forest [Kudos Records]

This release sees Biosphere explore the universe and soundscape of Archie Mayo’s 1936 film The Petrified Forest, but through his own personal style and sound. I have always been a big fan of Biosphere, and 2017 has been a great year full of both reissues of his past work as well as great new, fresh material.

2) Various Artists – Dreamy Harbor [Tresor]

My dear friend Paulo Reachi has done an amazing job putting this compilation together, which features exclusive tracks from the likes of Vainqueur, Jon Hassell, Terrence Dixon, Donato Dozzy and more. It includes beautiful electronic and ambient pieces, mixed in amongst some timeless techno.

3) Suso Saiz – Rainworks [Music For Memory]

Music From Memory have done an amazing job at both releasing or re-issuing fascinating albums and 2017 has been a really great year from them so far. I collect all of their releases and they are always the perfect soundtrack for my beloved meditative moments while I’m travelling!

4) Various Artists – Tribute To The King [Fragil Musique]

This French label never fails to deliver, and this is a really nice four track EP that features a host of interesting beats and grooves throughout. Simo Cell produces (as always!) another really interesting jam that mixes mysterious keys alongside Afro-influenced beats.

5) Kilchhofer / Hainbach – Acosta [Marionette]

This is a very nice split release. Electronica, deep techno and ambient territories are all fully explored here and this is done so in a really original and unique way! I really like this album, and even the idea of a split release collaboration where nothing feels like it is forced or imposing, but there is a certain common and cohesive feel on both sides.

6) Various Artists – Miracle Steps Music From The Fourth World 1983-2017 [Optimo Music]

This is ambient music at its finest. Some truly excellent work from the guys at Optimo which features tracks from O Yuki Conjugate and John Hassell to just name a few. Simply put, another timeless selection of more meditative music.

7) Various Artists – EXO2 [Ekster]

This has to be another favourite soundtrack of mine for life on the road and my travels so far this year! It’s exotic, ambient and even features some dub elements at times. More excellent Electronic(a) and a musical journey from start to finish!

8) Body Boys – H [Civilised Life]

I really like this EP. It somehow mixes the energy found within house and techno with bass music, leading to some super original sound textures and a great vibe! To me it’s the kind of record that really stands out as both a great piece of listening music, but also as an excellent secret DJ weapon.

9) Leroy Hutson – Get To This (Alex Attias edit) [LillyGood Party! France]

Three words. Feel good music! It’s great to see Alex Attias’ name on a record again. Here he produces a super edit of this up-tempo boogie jam by Mr. Leroy Hutson. A really great track for summer!

10) Beatrice Dillon – Can I Change My Mind? [Boomkat Editions]

I really love this one sided 12" release. It was released at the beginning of the year on Boomkat Editions and I have been completely obsessed with this EP – and with its groove in particular – ever since I managed to get my hands on this record.

DJ Deep - Cuts serie Remixes Vol. 1 is released on Deeply Rooted on 2 Jun

The Parisian Kid EP is released on Rekids Special Projects on 9 Jun