Guest Selector: Capri Collective

Amadeus Brzezinski (Goldy B) is a Polish-Ukrainian DJ and producer based in Glasgow. Here he guides us through Capri Collective's recent celebration of Scottish talent

Feature by Claire Francis | 12 Apr 2018

Co-founder of the emerging label Octo Trax and one half of Glasgow-based Taijitu, Amadeus Brzezinski runs nights over a series of residencies across Edinburgh and Glasgow. He is also part of the Capri Collective who, consisting of seven members in total, celebrated their second birthday with Hector's House last month. Their recent Raveheart event (the inspiration for this selection) was an ode to the host of Scottish labels and producers that they have been inspired by, and you can catch the Collective at this month's Woodland Dance Project near Edinburgh.

Benita – Time For a Change 
"I thought I’d open up with a disco 7" from Edinburgh’s Athens of the North. Responsible for some outstanding reissues this label is exceptionally consistent. Each finely curated cut, selected by label chief Euan Fryer, will either move your heart or move your feet. This track Time For A Change will most likely do both." 

Other Lands – Late Feeling Yourself 
"As a track this has to be one of my favourites of the year. It’s a deep yet playful cut, some low key jazzy space-funk with a touch of Detroit. Typically Firecracker, it's comfortably off-kilter; the beat always keeps you on your toes with brilliant broken rhythms driving the track along."

JD Twitch – Juju 
"An exceptional and eclectic selector, JD Twitch brings that variety to his own productions. This favourite of mine, taken from his own label Autonomous Africa, is particularly special due to its complex, interweaving rhythms which feel improvised yet are perfectly layered. It has an element of spontaneity to it, almost like a ‘live’ jam caught between three drummers, two synth players and a distant echo-choir."

V – Faux Pas 
"There’s always been something about Sub Club, be it the people or the sound system or the space itself – Subby is unique and inexplicable. This record, released on the club’s own imprint Nautilus Rising, somehow manages to capture that inexplicability and is, to this day, one of the most dear in my collection." 

Posthuman – Exit Drums
"I remember seeing Dixon Avenue Basement Jams playing at Subby several months back and it was electrifying. The club was not too packed, with plenty of room to dance, and the energy they brought to the floor mesmerised me. I don’t know what the last hour's worth of tunes was, but I would like to hope that one of them may have been this beauty of a rhythm track. Big thumbs up to the glitched out vocals."

Boot & Tax – Acido
"Capri Collective’s Rory Graham chooses the A1 from Optimo’s fourth instalment on their Trax label for his selection. He says it was 'one of the first acid tracks I heard that really got me into the genre, and also led me to dig deeper into Optimo Trax as a label and discover a plethora of incredible music through that.'"

Philip Budny – Revaler
Fellow Capri member and Sneaky Pete’s resident Chris Murray (C-Shaman) describes his selection as “top quality deep house from now Berlin, previously Edinburgh-based producer, Philip Budny. Released on Edinburgh label Lionoil, every time I’ve seen this played, people lose themselves in it. Seb Wildblood’s remix is also sick, love dropping it too.”

Lord Of The Isles – Sunrise 89
For the second Firecracker release of the list we’ve got Capri’s live percussionist, DJ and one half of Say No More, Ruairidh Gallagher (Kanga) choosing the opening track from semi-elusive Scottish legend Lord of the Isles’ Parabolas Of Neon EP. “This tune is pretty special to me, and I’ve been listening to it constantly since booking Lord Of The Isles for me and Baz’s night Say No More. It’s such an emotive song, and after the break when the beat drops back in, it’s just bliss.”

Adam Zarecki – Yesterday's 
"Loop digger extraordinaire, record hoarder and resident at La Cheetah, Adam Zarecki is coming in with a self-released Capri favourite to round off the list. Having met at a rave in a winterswept castle almost three years ago we have grown to become good friends, often sending each other half finished work and swapping disco and soul samples. Though this track has been sadly ‘bagsied’ by another imprint who are looking to release a 12" of Adam’s tunes quite soon, we are working on a collaborative release for our own Octo Trax in time for the label’s launch party at Sneaky Pete’s on 18 July." 

Capri Collective play Woodland Dance Project, Vogrie Country Park nr Edinburgh, 28-29 Apr