DJ Chart: Wardy & Dom D'Sylva (La Cheetah Club)

As they prepare to host legendary selector Theo Parrish, La Cheetah residents Wardy and Dom D'Sylva each share five records well worthy of your attention

Feature by Ronan Martin | 01 May 2013

In recent years, Glasgow’s La Cheetah Club have consistently turned heads with their increasingly ambitious events programming. Whether they’re bringing in relatively untapped local talent or luring well-established names to their basement dwelling, the club continues to cement its status as one of the most reliable venues around.

On 3 May they welcome peerless deep house producer and effortlessly versatile DJ Theo Parrish back to the club, almost exactly a year after he lifted the roof of the venue with a four hour whirlwind of funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop, expertly woven through a patchwork of house sounds from his hometown of Detroit and his native Chicago. 

Ahead of Parrish's return, club residents Wardy and Dom D’Sylva dig into their record bags to select ten tracks that have been doing the damage for them recently.


Anthony Naples – Faceless [Rubadub]
This whole EP’s amazing! Anthony Naples seems incapable of making an average tune. The Mister Saturday Night EPs have been on heavy rotation since they came out and this one will be no different. I chose this track as it’s got a bit of a summery vibe to it. I can see it going down a treat in the club.

Photonz – 1551 [Unknown To The Unknown]
Unknown To The Unknown is an absolute gem of a label. Anyone releasing Photonz tunes knows what they’re talking about as far as I’m concerned. As with every Photonz production, this sounds completely unique. But you can tell it’s them within the first eight bars.

Theo Parrish – Sweet Sticky [Peacefrog]
In anticipation of his return, it’s rare that a day goes past when a Theo tune doesn’t get played in my gaff. It’s too hard to pick a favourite, but Sweet Sticky has really been doing it for me of late. It starts off so sparse and builds into this funky, repetitive belter.

Delroy Edwards – Drop Dead [L.I.E.S]
This one is out on the ever-reliable L.I.E.S label. Delroy’s tracks are a refreshing take on the ghetto-house sound. A definite dancefloor destroyer!

Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu [Mercury]
Since we started The House Sound of Chicago nights in the club I’ve been listening to as much Chicago-related music as I can get my ears round! This one’s an old favourite. It’s so simple but so effective! Just those drums under the vocal are all it needs. It always gets a good reaction.

DOM D’SYLVATheo Parrish – Overyohead [Sound Signature]
This has been my favourite Theo production for a long time and possibly always will be. From the outset, the chord progression fills you with a sense of purpose and what follows is just over 12 minutes of bliss. That piano hook is pretty dope too!

Urban Tribe - Program 1 [Mahogani Music]
KDJ, Carl Craig, Shake and DJ Stingray on top form here. This track is a complete destroyer. I just wish it was longer!

Dungeon Acid - The Wait [Unreleased]
I’ve been into this for a while now. It’s quite aptly named too, seeing as I’ve been waiting quite some time for it to be released. Be sure to check out the video too, it’s fucking great! This one's for the creeps.

Andrea Parker - Melodious Thunk [Mo’ Wax]
I started with this the last time I played out and a few folk asked what it was. So here’s a reminder in case they forgot! It was originally released in ‘96 on Mo' Wax. I just had to check the sleeve for that nugget of wisdom. Every day's a school day!

Polarius - Fly The Chopper [Bunker]
Polarius is one of the many pseudonyms taken by Danny Wolfers, better known as Legowelt. This track is a no-messing, jacking dancefloor killer. You should check out everything this man has had his hand in since he can do little or no wrong. A truly inspired producer.

Theo Parrish, La Cheetah, Glasgow, 3 May (see listings for time and price)