DJ Chart: Skee Mask

Having just dropped his smoky debut LP on Ilian Tape, mysterious Munich boyo Skee Mask – aka Bryan – delivers eight tracks of worthy weight

Feature by Daniel Jones | 22 Feb 2016

Phat Kat – Game Time

Typical joint produced by J Dilla. His way of sampling is the best, he always makes the right selections. It's also mixed perfectly, without even putting a lot of sub on the drums. It creates such an amazing vibe, highly inspiring for me.

Photek – The Hidden Camera

I feel a bit ashamed of myself because I haven't checked all his stuff yet, but almost everything that I've heard from him so far is really classy. This track had a huge influence on me; the groove combined with these smooth chords is ace.

Aardvarck – Ai

I'm a big fan of all his works, he's very versatile. You never know how his next album will sound. The ambient stuff he does is also really good.

Traxmen – Caution

This track reminds me that you sometimes only need just one nice drum machine with a good effect on it to make a heavy techno tune. These [seminal Chicago house label] Dance Mania records inspired me a lot – they were made such a long time ago but still work perfectly in a club.

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Dominique Lawalrée – La Maison Des 5 Éléments

My 'cyberspace-producer-homie' Gacha (Apollo Records) showed me this track a few weeks ago – his taste in music is really fresh. The harmony of this track is lovely, it sounds very timeless.

Jeremiah Jae – Giorna

This guy is a big inspiration for me, his beats are mostly produced by himself and they always have a very raw feeling. On his Bandcamp there's an EP from 2014 called Black Caldron – you can download it for free, it's also amazing.

UVB – Rules

One of my favourite albums of 2015. It's an excellent tribute to tribal techno, because it has an old-schoolish flavour but it's still quite inventive. I'm a big fan of tracks with a significant beat and shimmering atmospheres.

MLO – Sleeper

I'm totally fascinated by this track, it sounds mind-blowing to me. Reminds me that you sometimes don't have to use a kick to create a good groove.

Skee Mask's Shred LP is out now via Ilian Tape