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Sylvestro, maker of hard-hitting house via garage and grime and founder of Utrecht-based SlapFunk Records, gives us ten of his current favourites

Feature by Sylvestro Tjon Sack Kie | 06 Mar 2015

Herbert – UK Spring [Phono]
He is without a doubt one of the best and most diverse electronic music producers this world knows. I bought this record a while ago and it almost never leaves my bag. I'm all over the open vibes on this one with such a heavy and raw rhythm. It always gets me in the mood. 

James Duncan – Voices 2 [Playground]
Latest James Duncan on the deep house label Playground. It came out one month ago and it's pretty much sold out everywhere. Such heavy vibes in this track. Play it on a big soundsystem and the crowd goes mad. Been following him for seven years now; he's released some proper house music in that time. You should check his back catalogue if you like this.

Chris Carrier  True Step Locomotion [SlapFunk]
One of the best producers out there, Chris Carrier, on our own label, SlapFunk. I've been following him for a long time and so we ended up asking him if he wanted to do a release on our label, and he said yeah. When he sent over the tracks we were that impressed that we decided to make an LP instead. So we did that and this is the result. I totally love his style and I think his sound matches ours, which makes this a good combo. It's only for sale on discogs now. Digital will follow later on...

Malin Génie  Sense Of Swing [Oscillat]
The title says it all – Malin Génie's sense of swing. This track is a dancefloor killer! I don't know any producer like him. He can make any type of music and it's still on point. Rollin' on top of the scene right now, he's doing some good business with Mandar (Lazare Hoche, S.A.M and Malin) and their own imprint, Oscillat Music. Expect some heavy stuff!

Julian Alexander  Hustlin' [Dungeon Meat]
My little brother on Dungeon Meat. This is such a strong first release by him. You almost never see guys on that age so passionate about their music. It makes me extra motivated to do my thing!

Tuff Jam  Key Dub [i!]
Absolute classic by Tuff Jam! I play a lot of garage stuff, been listening to it since I was 14. I think this genre has got something really special going on. Those beats are always killing me with their fat basslines and chunky rhythms. UK garage is definitely one of my top genres in electronic music. If there was a record store in Holland with big crates of garage I would spend all day there diggin'.

Plasticman  Section 7 [Southside Dubstars]
People think most of the time that I'm only playing house and garage but I love grime. Unfortunately we don't have a proper grime scene here in the Netherlands but I like it a lot. Always good to discover some heavy dubplates on the internet.

Dizzee Rascal  Wheel [Dirtee Stank]
Another grime track. This Dizzee beat is off the hook. He made some killer beats back in the days and this is just one of them.

Quasimoto  The Unseen [Stones Throw]
Lord Quas! I played this album over and over again; crazy beats and lyrics all over it. If you hear me playing you can recognise the hip-hop and breakbeat in it. Those styles inspire me a lot. They keep me going. 

Malin Génie  Four Drops [SlapFunk]
I told you before that Malin Génie can make whatever he wants and it's still on point. Here is an example of a hip-hop track from him. We released it on our SlapFunk Records. This track is on vinyl-only, straight for the headz. Everytime I listen to this track I go mental!

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