DJ Chart: Hushpuppy

Feature by Chris Duncan | 27 May 2009
  • Hushpuppy

1. Hot Pot - The Torandos

1964 Joe Meek weirdness to kick things off.

2. Don't Stop - k.i.d. (Groove, 1981)

Irresistible synth boogie sing-a-long.

3. Battle Hymn for Children (Tensnake rmx) - The Faint

Throbbing remix in a dark mystic/cosmic style.

4. Get a Little (long version) - Patrick Cowley

Gay hi-NRG at its sleazy best.

5. I'll Get You Feat. Jeppe (Royal Rumble remix) - Clasixx

Total slice of the summer to come.

6. My Shit Is On (zero cash mix) - Maral Salmassi

Bionically bouncy, beefy and cheeky.

7. If I Was Wonderman (Vanshe Tech remix) - Hey Today

BangGang kids with Van She on remix duties? GET OUT!

8. Caller - Alex Metric

Rock hard and zooper jackin'. Metric is so one to watch.

9. Schwarzfahrer (original mix) - Einzeller. (Boys Noize)

Brilliant old fashioned teutonic electro-rock.

10. Light My Fire - Moebius

Genius cosmic rock Doors cover, kicks in like no other version...