DJ Chart: D-Ribeiro

The young Rotterdam producer Ranie Ribeiro Fortes donates a clutch of tracks, past and present, that informed the sound of his prodigious Meda Fury EP

Feature by Ranie Ribeiro Fortes | 07 Jan 2015

Idris Muhammad – Piece of Mind [Kudu]
One of my favourite jazz pieces by Idris Muhammad. A nine-minute trip by one of the best drummers, and arranged by Bob James. It puts me in the right mood every time and makes me wish that it was longer! I learned so much from this piece just by listening to it, from arrangements to solos and even the mixdown of this track is insane.

Sun Ra – When There Is No Sun [Horo]
Meet the real master of the universe! Sun Ra was one of those people who was always thinking ahead of his time. This is one of my favourites, it always calms me down and makes me think about everything. Things that make me happy or the things that really bother me.

Bob Marley – Rainbow Country Dub [Daddy Kool]
As a kid I was a real big fan of reggae. I always wanted to find new reggae songs to play loud in my room. I don't even remember how I found this track, it was such a long time ago but this is by far my favourite. This whole track has something divine which is hard to explain but for me it is almost perfect; the A-side is definitely worth listening to as well. 

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain [Westbound]
A few years ago I was hanging out with some friends of mine and someone decided to put this on. It was fascinating to see how all of my friends stopped talking and kept silent while the song was playing. I was blown away by this song, especially when I read the story about how George and Eddie came up with it. It's genuinely brilliant. It even inspired me to play the guitar.

Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance [Columbia]
There are at least ten Herbie Hancock tracks I could pick out but this one always blows my mind. Even 'til this day I am still wondering what Herbie was thinking when he made this track?! I am always fascinated by artists who can think so far ahead, already in '73!

Heatwave – Star of the Story [GTO]
I have always been a sucker for harmonies, especially when it comes to soul music. This song hits me exactly in the right place especially with the breakdown of the guitar solo.

Jan Akkerman – Streetwalker [Atlantic]
A colleague of mine and I had a discussion one day about music from Holland back in the 70s, and he showed me this legendary guitar player called Jan Akkerman. I never thought that Dutch music could be this great, it usually ends up with some happy Dutch people singing about women and beer but Jan does it all differently.

Pharoah Sanders – Upper Egypt [Impulse!]
Pharoah Sanders sits on the same astral plane as Sun Ra for me, being free to create whatever he wants with weird melodies that keep on going 'til they're stuck in your mind. I especially love this song towards the ending with the weird singing.

Madvillain – Shadows of Tomorrow feat. Quasimoto [PIAS]
I have always seen pictures of MF Doom but I never knew who he was or what he did, he had something mysterious for me and one day I checked out Madvillainy, with one of my favourite producers, Madlib, and it was one of the best hip-hop albums I've heard. Teamed up with Quasimoto (also Madlib) this song has a beat with a raw attitude and lyrics that goes far out... all about the future, son!

D-Ribeiro's Meda Fury EP is out now on R&S Records