DJ Chart - Club Michigan DJs

Feature by Club Michigan DJs | 17 Mar 2006

1. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi Tech Jazz Compilation (UR)
Brand new but already a classic from Mad Mike and the Underground Resistance crew.
2. Starski - Love Camera [DJ 3000 Motech Remix] - Throw
Legendary DJ 3000 strips the ghettotech artist down for some pure Detroit funk.
3. Basic Channel - Q1.1 (Basic Channel)
An oldie from Germany but still one of the best-dubbed techno records of all time. Maurizio and co. at their very best.
4. DJ Godfather - DET 09 (DET)
Limited edition ghettotech from the turntable master, almost like a modern day funkadelic would sound.
5. Marijan Lisic – The Beginning [Suburban Knight Remix] - Calme
Hot off the press remix from the one and only James Pennington. Quiet of late, this remix places him firmly back at the top of Detroit's talented pile of artists.
6. Tek Brothers – Dance and be Free (Tunnel 7)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy drummer turns to house music. Superb beats and a killer catchy vocal make this a true underground hit.
7. Terry Brooks – City Life [Carl Craig Remix] (Rush Hour)
Carl Craig back to his best. Sweet vocals from Aaron Soul with melodic rhythm.
8. Quentin Harris – Let's Be Young (NRK)
Deep house number from QH (most famous for his work as one half of Freaks).
9. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (NRK)
NRK again with this catchy vocal dub.
10. DJ Rush – Freaks On Hubbard (Projex)
An absolute classic from Chi-town's own. Driving bassline and drums make this a sure dancefloor hit. Slamming techno the way it should be done.