DJ Chart: Brian D'Souza (Auntie Flo)

To celebrate our 100th issue we decided to invite our first ever guest DJ, Brian D'Souza, back to share his current picks

Feature by Ronan Martin | 13 Jan 2014

Reading this month’s Scottish edition, you may well have noticed that The Skinny has reached its 100th issue north of the border – an impressive little milestone, if we do say so ourselves! Over the years in the Clubs section we’ve done our best to reflect the ever-shifting phases of electronic music and provide you with the choicest cuts from both close to home and further afield. The aim has always been to point you in the direction of the best local nights on offer, or to dip into our record bag – and those of others – to pluck out the tracks making waves that month.

Our first ever DJ Chart, in issue number 1, was compiled by Glaswegian selector Brian D’Souza to coincide with a night focussing on acid tracks that he was involved with at the time. Published in October 2005, and highlighting such killer records as Marco Passarani’s Criticize and Luke Vibert’s Kerrier District project, the chart offered a brief glimpse of one area of Brian’s musical tastes.

Having launched his celebrated Highlife parties and production project Auntie Flo in the years since, Brian has continually kept ahead of the curve. Known for introducing clubs to electronic wonders from across the globe, Brian’s thirst for new and exciting music is abundantly clear. It seemed rather fitting to approach him to compile a chart for our 100th issue, giving us a 10 track taster of what’s occupying his turntables at the moment...

Anbuley – Kemoo' Yo Keke (Wrong Island's Banishment Remix) [Wrong Island Communications]

My most played club track of 2013. Analogue synths plus African vocals. Big ups to Teamy and Aleks for this remix. Watch out for some Auntie Flo tracks with Anbuley in 2014. 

Axel Boman – Hello [Studio Barnhus]

Axel Boman ruled 2013. This is the best track from his new album, timeless house music – in equal parts classic Matthew Herbert and DJ Koze. 

Nils Frahm – Says [Erased Tapes]

One of my favourite albums of 2013. Sheer emotion! Playing this in Plastic People recently was one of my favourite musical experiences, so intense on that soundsystem.

Duologue – Push It (Auntie Flo Remix) [Philomena]

I was really happy how this remix came together and super happy when Dixon and Âme got in touch to ask if they could release it. Dixon even gave it a bit of extra punch and it sold out in a day. 

Africaine 808 – Tummy Tummy [WT]

A Highlife secret weapon from the Berlin-based artist. We've been caning this all year long. This rescues any dancefloor. 

Golden Teacher – Like a Hawk [Optimo Music]

The best thing to come out of Glasgow this year. Golden Teacher and all the various off shoot acts are masters of DIY. Raw voodoo shit, and completely unique. 

DrumTalk – Time [Huntleys and Palmers]

One to watch out for in 2014. Already been played by Jackmaster and James Holden, and due for a release on Huntleys and Palmers early next year. Big, big, big. 

DJ Gilb'r & Dj Sotofett – Foliage (808 Sax Mix) [Versatile]

Seeing Sotofett DJ in Oslo was one of my favourite DJ sets of the year. Effortlessly mixing different styles, his productions are equally diverse. 

Mehmet Aslan – Raptiye Rap [Highlife]

I'm so excited by our new Highlife label. This is the second release from our friends in Basle editing some obscure Turkish disco. Loads of new releases on Highlife planned for next year. 


Penny Penny – Dance Khomela [Awesome Tapes from Africa]

Previous Highlife guest Brian (Awesome Tapes from Africa) has done a great job of turning the blog into a label. Absolutely love this early Kwaito re-issue, equal parts Reese, equal parts Fela Kuti.