DJ Chart: AnD

One of Manchester's finest techno double acts, Andy and Dim decode their industrial musical radar

Feature by Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Ploumpidis | 03 Feb 2016

CJ Bolland  Nightbreed [R&S Records]

CJ Bolland is a real hero of ours from when rave met techno – his tracks always have very powerful dynamics! This is one of our favourites from his first album, The 4th Sign, on R&S Records in 1992. Distorted drums meet acid basslines and dark strings. 

Universal Indicator  Green U1 [Rephlex]

None other than the dream team of Aphex Twin and Mike Dred. Raw stripped acid techno taken to the limits of minimalism. This is perfect warehouse music, so intense and powerful with very few elements.

Front 242  Moldavia [Epic]

Front 242 are one of our favourite EBM/industrial bands, and this track encapsulates their unique brand of industrial beats, raw synthesis mixed with punky vocals. Front 242 have had a  massive influence on a lot of electronic producers.

Morton Subotnick  Silver Apples of the Moon [Nonesuch]

This, from 1967, is one of the first ever commissioned pieces of electronic music by a record label, and was recorded using a modular synthesiser system. This is a highly important record for anyone making electronic music today.

Ø  S-Bahn [Sähkö]

Stone-cold electronics from the master, Mika Vainio. This track has an extremely haunting atmosphere due to the amount of space in the arrangement. Spaced-out pads and melodies meet laser-cut beats – absolute genius!

Wu-Tang Clan  CREAM [RCA]

We are big fans of the Wu-Tang, and this track is a great example of how they were all great poets and prophets of the streets. This track simply shows the money-hungry state of this world! They always spoke the truth in their lyrics, and they created their own brand of hip-hop with the killer use of classic samples in their raw production techniques.

Caustic Window  Garden of Linmiri [Rephlex]

A chaotic track, just like our minds! One of our favourite tracks by Aphex under his Caustic Window guise. This track is an onslaught from start to finish, it really fits into the spirit of what we try to create in our DJ sets. 

Whitehouse  Philosophy [Very Friendly]

Music for thinking. Whitehouse are one of our favourite noise acts – they have this crazy intense rawness to their music but it is immensely psychedelic at the same time.

Throbbing Gristle  Discipline [Mute]

Just plain lovely! TG really had a sense of the moment and a live rawness to their recordings. Discipline really has this feel of a live jam and pulls you straight into their world from the first second. A truly pioneering band that have always pushed the boundaries, from their productions to their DIY attitude when it came to making their own instruments and sound-effect boxes.

Muslimgauze  Shadow of Hope Diminishing [Muslimtapes]

MANCHESTER MASSIVE! One of the city's biggest ever talents, without a doubt! We wish we would've had the chance to meet him! Muslimgauze was introduced to us by our friend Simon about eight years ago, and  his world is almost overwhelming due to his extensive discography. A very focused and talented artist with a very special take on industrial and ethnic music.

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