DJ Chart: Adam Strömstedt

A key ripple in Stockholm's latest wave of producers, Adam Strömstedt offers up ten personal faves off the back of his latest release on Banoffee Pies

Feature by Daniel Jones | 01 Mar 2016

In just three white-label EPs – not counting their other fledgling series – Bristol-based label Banoffee Pies Records have plucked a handful of various artists from around the globe, all of whom share an acute sense of groove at various tempos.

BP003 sees the return of Stockholm native Adam Strömstedt, also a key player on BP002, who this time teams up with close friend and fellow Swede Art Alfie, for opening track Drum Off. You may be intrigued to hear that the track samples heavily from a solo in last year’s blockbuster movie Whiplash – dare we say they do a good job of it, too.

Strömstedt is going from strength to strength with every release, so we're chuffed that he's donated a selection of tracks (in no particular order) that have informed his sound over the past six years or so, including more than a few modern classics…

100 Hz – Shoot the Bar

"I first heard this track years ago in a set recorded by Cobblestone Jazz's Tyger Dhula. Searched high and wide for it and finally found it but couldn’t buy it off Discogs and no one had it digitally either, until I found 100 Hz himself (Lee Renacre) on Myspace. I asked him nicely if he could send it over, which he did (legend status reached straight away). Years later I managed to grab a copy on vinyl and it still doesn’t leave my bag to this day. Shoot the Bar is wonderful and weird and generally a great damn tune."

STL  Silent State

"The perfect never-ending groove. Need I say more? It has everything you want in a track. It's the first track of Stephan Laubner’s I ever heard and it's still my favourite. I have mentioned my affinity for this man’s productions before and I still love the way he produces those airy, fluffy and quirky tracks. Not all of them are dancefloor friendly but Silent State always works."

LoSoul – 00000000

"Great piece of house music. The kick sits just perfectly in the mix and really hits you in the right spot – a go-to track for any DJ, I guess. Playhouse put out some great stuff in the mid-to-late 90s and early 00s and this one is by far my favourite out of all of them. So, so good for the dancefloor."

Claro Intelecto – Peace of Mind

"I’m very fond of old school electro beats and this one is right up there. Arp, chords and general production are all great, as usual when talking about Claro Intelecto. Deep, melancholic and full bodied, like a good red wine."

Efdemin – Plenum

"Another one that has never left my bag, from one of Berlin's best producers and DJs. I love this track, it's got everything for me. A driving, pulsating and trippy techno journey that leaves no one disappointed. This is wicked and twisted, something out of the ordinary and something you don’t hear every day."

Move D – Aspiration 2010

[Soul People Music]
"Released on Fred P’s Soul People Music in 2010 and an instant classic. Move D has produced so many fine pieces of music, but this is the standout one for me. Beautifully worked 303 and great chords that hit you at just the right moment."

Martyn – Miniluv

[Ostgut Ton]
"When this dropped on Ostgut Ton in 2010 I think everyone I know lost their minds – I still think this is one of the best tracks to ever come out on Ostgut Ton. This beat makes my knees weak and the sounds that zip around are so carefully maintained. Instant groove."

Cobblestone Jazz – Peace Offering

[Wagon Repair]
"This track is like an old friend, I always find comfort in it. It’s innovative, jazzy and just perfect. I can remember hearing this album for the first time and it blew my mind, I had never heard anything like it before. The way they blend jazz and techno in this way is just phenomenal."

Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie

"The musical visions of the multi-talented Sam Shepherd never cease to amaze me. He controls every aspect of his productions so well. Everything sits nicely in the mix and each sound is so well thought out. This track perfectly epitomises his production style for me. Groovy, funky and soulful with just the right amount of off-kilter love."

Smallpeople – Black Ice

"Smallpeople’s claim to fame. It’s still that good, played it a lot when it came out and I’ve started bringing it with me more and more again. It’s got a vibe that everyone can appreciate, from the heads to the drunks. That bassline melts your brain!"

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