Creative Writing - 'Mad Aunt's Tea Party'

Feature by Joanne Roberts | 13 Sep 2006
By a wooden garden table and chairs, there sits a mad aunt
Clip-shears freely wander the chairs
Drops of vodka make a warm journey from the glass
To the gullets of greedy guests
A steady dash to the toilet, provides a dirty laugh
And a drunken guest is sick, in a bath, amidst
Bottles of cheap cider, watery beer and sodden napkins
A scene is beginning on the lawn
Mad Aunt such-and-such is once again
Crafting her own downward spiral, to the disdain
And amusement of others, who stand and watch her
Coming apart at the seams
She throws bottles at walls and denounces everything
She sneers derisively at her guests, seeing them
In a new light, scrawling 'I hate humans'
On soft, yielding flesh, in cheap eyeliner
One man urinates in a corner, whilst alcohol
Makes faces warmer, and tears pollute the cells
Of Mad Aunt's skin, but the guests are now
Wearing painfully thin
People are driven away by this demi-shrew
And in a drunken, lonely rage, Mad Aunt swears revenge
On the human race, vowing to come back and haunt them all
Before she sticks her head through a glass window
Pausing only to write bad poetry on a white wall in her own blood