At Breakfast

Feature by Steven Smith | 15 Jun 2006
The Breakfast Table
Awaits the Morning
For its Jam and Butter
And Teabag dash.
The complexity of simple things
Building up
To boiling point.
The clanking of cups
Saucers and cutlery.
The recently awoken world
Engaged in some delicate dance
Coordinated around the kitchen.
The hushed racket
Of the early hours
Becoming that tired old tune.
Sleep excuses things unsaid
And allows the truth to be hidden
After a grumpy outburst
Like a temperamental toaster.
The whole thing, an excuse.
To break the fast.
To stop the struggle.
To wipe a false slate clean.
The cliche after the night before.
Time like a bullet
Heading for the scrambled eggs.
The simplicity of burning issues
Smoking up the room.
So open up the windows,
Smell the coffee,
And wake up
To the pure pain and hopelessness of
Spilt milk.
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