Vampire Nation - Arlene Russo

Book Review by Brady Yauch | 16 Apr 2006
If your imagination is captured by the insert to 'Vampire Nation', with its promise to reveal the history and secrets of the UK's thriving vampire scene, don't bother reading this book. The most interesting facts are revealed in the introduction - that Prince Charles is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler and that Robin Hood may have been a vampire - while the remainder of the book focuses on inane debates concerning the differences amongst vampire communities and their relationship with the gothic subculture. Arlene Russo provides very little historical evidence for her claims and never delves deep into our cultural fascination with vampires. Whenever she stumbles upon a topic worth investigating, such as the idea that Vlad the Impaler was connected with the Catholic church, she skips right over it in order to discuss something trite and uninteresting. Additionally, many of the quotes from real "vampires" are merely responses taken from internet message boards. If you're looking for a thoroughly researched book concerning the nature of our vampire obsession and those who have chosen to live it out, don't bother picking up 'Vampire Nation'. [Brady Yauch]
Published by Blake. Out Now. (Cover Price £17.99)