Filmish #3 by Edward Ross

Book Review by Johnny Chess | 29 Mar 2011
  • Filmish by Edward Ross
Book title: Filmish #3
Author: Edward Ross

Filmish Number 3 is here, and it is as enjoyable as the first two. If you haven’t seen it before, Filmish is a comic where author Edward Ross appears himself, and talks about some aspect of film theory, whilst in the background images play out to illustrate his points. This makes detailed ideas digestible, and there are little visual jokes along the way, like Ross appearing as Chaplin’s tramp.

This issue is one whole essay on ‘Technology and Technophobia’, a great subject in that it gives Ross many goodies to draw – see the panels referencing Things To Come, or the giant ants from Them for examples. Ross takes a chronological approach, showing how film responded as art to technological changes (mechanisation, war, atomic bombs, genetic code) as well as actually being affected by technology itself.

Ross views this as a generally positive step, where the micro-budget films that can now be produced, such as The Blair Witch Project, Primer, Colin and Super Size Me have freshened up the industry. It’s a persuasive argument, and it’s backed up by a phenomenally detailed bibliography, quite revolutionary for a 22-page comic! Filmish is a well researched, well drawn and well argued delight. Go buy. [Johnny Chess]


Filmish can be bought from the author's website for £3, or in various film theatres and comic shops