Edinburgh: 40 Town and Country Walks by Kerry Nelson.

Celebrates the continual contrasts that Edinburgh can offer

Book Review by Katie Gordon | 07 Dec 2007
  • Edinburgh: 40 Town and Country Walks
Book title: Edinburgh: 40 Town and Country Walks
Author: Kerry Nelson.

Take a tour from the Old Town of Edinburgh, with its maze of closes and wynds, to the elegant crescents and circuses of the New Town, and what strikes you first is the sheer contrast in surroundings. A quick stroll becomes a voyage into the varied historic past of Scotland's capital city. Walk a little further and soon you will meet rolling hills and picturesque scenery far removed from the hub of urban life. This book celebrates the continual contrasts that Edinburgh and the surrounding areas offer. Each walk featured is accompanied by detailed directions, photos and a clear map of the route. Notable pubs such as The Canny Man in Morningside and The Sheep Heid Inn at Duddingston village also get a mention – enough to encourage even the most unwilling of ramblers. Destinations further afield, including Linlithgow Palace and Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve, provide perfect afternoon excursions for anyone seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The practical pocket size of the book means it is easily portable and always on hand to inspire even the wettest of Sunday strolls. All in all a perfect way to atone for festive over-indulgence. [Katie Gordon]

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