The Skinny Showcase: Stuart Murray

Gallery | 01 Sep 2009

Stuart Murray's work is highly observational with a strong element of social commentary.  He makes drawings that are searingly honest, literal, immediate, which draw a smile but also sympathy or pity or sadness.
He has made several publications including In Pubs (drawings of people in pubs), In Bucharest (drawings of people in Bucharest) and People I’ve Met While Working (drawings of people he’s met while doing his postie rounds).
Among the themes he has explored/is exploring are gentrification, homelessness and begging, working and the workplace, drinking and pub culture.
An overall theme that emerges is that of everyday life and ordinary people trying to survive.
Like many modern artists, Stuart Murray has two bases, spending his time between The Calton and Dennistoun. He finds this arrangement extremely stimulating.
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