The Skinny Showcase: Sarah Muirhead

Gallery | 30 Jun 2009

“I am fascinated by people, their attitudes, preconceptions and self image.  I have been focusing on peripheral characters, quiet observers, people with whom I find some degree of understanding, although this may remain verbally unexpressed.  I try to recall an ephemeral moment working from my photographs.  Concentrating on the texture and translucence of the flesh, the build and demeanor and the physicality and pose of each figure, I try to remain truthful in their portrayal avoiding idealism or stereotypes.  
I like the contrast between the blemished, varied and flawed texture of skin and the flatness of everything we use to disguise, decorate or distract from it.  Sometimes the very things we use to express ourselves effectively act as a barrier.  I don’t want to make vacuous copies of photographs but to try to recount a moment of empathy between strangers.  I want to show vulnerability.”
-Sarah Muirhead

Sarah has been nominated by a panel of luminaries including Conrad Shawcross, Tracey Emin, and Tim Marlow, to take part in an exhibition organised by murmurART between 30 June and 14 July in Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.  Between 1 and 13 July she will be taking part in a public art campaign in the London underground organised by Art Below, a group which uses advertising space for art work. A poster of one of her paintings will be displayed in Euston station, platform 6.