The Skinny Showcase: Mari Campistron

A look at the work of illustrator and printmaker Mari Campistron, whose work can be found on the cover of our May issue

Feature by Mari Campistron | 25 May 2021
  • Mari Campistron

Mari Campistron was born in Basque Country in 1991. She completed a fresco and mosaics degree at Olivier de Serres, Paris, before joining the Communication Design course at the Glasgow School of Art, where she specialised in Illustration. After graduation, she joined the RISOTTO studio team, working as a risograph print technician and studio manager.

Since 2019, she has been based in Paris printing beautiful artwork at Studio Fidèle where she works as a riso printer. Throughout these years she has kept her illustration practice on the side and experimented with various printmaking techniques. She took part in a residency at the Caseroom (SWG3) just before leaving Glasgow in 2019 and thanks to the lockdown last year got to experiment with film work and photograms in a dark room. Having constant access to the riso printers has enabled her to keep producing fanzines with Riso Sur Mer, a collective based between Paris and Glasgow, along with Elise Rigollet, Inés Gradot, Margaux Bigou and Joséphine Ohl.

Mari Campistron stands outside in a courtyard, holding a printed calendar in front of her face. The top half of the calendar features blocks of colour arranged in a geometric pattern. The background includes planters and a parked bicycle.

An abstract print with a teal background, featuring a number of organic forms and splashes. It’s divided into two halves; the left features a number of string-like white shapes and lines emanating from the bottom right corner, while the right features yellow lines and white circles heading in the opposite direction.

A pair of prints of flowers, set in a ringbound notebook.