The Skinny Showcase: Liana Moran

Gallery | 10 Sep 2010

'In an increasingly networked world, escape is nearly impossible' (Shaviro)
My current work is looking into modern technology within mass communication. I'm interested in the notion that people nowadays have a fear of not being ‘connected’ and also a fear of being excessively ‘connected’; by connected I am referring to mobile phones, internet and television. Key concepts that I am interested in are: objects and machines like T.V aerials, mobile phone masts, defunct devices; wireless transmitters and the image of the Cyborg; looking at a more visual way of displaying (interior and exterior) impacts of technology on humans. There is a historical thread running through my work, commenting on current technology similar to other artists making work about the technology of their time. The definition of a Cyborg is a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependant upon a mechanical or electronic device; I think this is relevant to our generation.  [Liana Moran]