The Skinny Showcase: Katy Watson

Gallery | 29 Sep 2008

For September the Skinny Showcase presents our pick of the Glasgow School of Art's class of 2008, Katy Watson. Working in both print and film, Katy produces works that question the role of the media in creating our reactions to contemporary life, and examines the interplay between subject and object, viewer and viewed. She sums up her inspiration thus:

"My practice is concerned with the disparity between the representation of conflict by the media and its actuality. I believe that the ‘society of the spectacle’ forces the subject into compliance with our expectations of the specific external narrative. This homogenisation omits the human aspects of those depicted and as a result the people become defined by the political realities of the situation.
Our media-saturated society, in its desire to kowtow to our cultural dependency, can, in its methods, categorise and reduce the individual. The apparatus of the western media renders the event as a sound-bite; in doing so we are over-encumbered with these stories as consumable products and our natural empathetic response becomes apathetic."