Jordan Alex Smith: The Skinny Showcase

Gallery | 09 Nov 2015

Jordan Alex Smith

"Not so much meat on the bones. An interview with my thoughts if my thoughts were wearing clear-frame glasses. The Swedish artist Tobias Karlsson said to me once, 'What has been, what will be, what could be.' I like the idea of what could happen and where it could go. Studio in my pocket, scraps of paper and bus ticket scribblings behind glass. An intervention. Undermining and re-re-tweeting #Culture. This could be the artwork. What happens if it's then reprinted thousands of times Walter? This one is the original right here. Cut and paste.


I just did a show as part of Deptford X in South London. It consisted of some nice framed drawings as well as site-specific drawings on cardboard and various other found materials. Titled Ideaology, the show was about contemporary culture and what it means to be a post-art-school human being with minimal funds."

Art Showcase:

 Too Much Fun Club: 'a special breed of art collective'

 The still-life photography of Stewart Honeyman

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